Enabling discharge deposition with higher output.

Discharge Power 5-stage switched / Vibrator Power 3-stage switched

This is the most powerful type of discharge deposition equipment. Thicker coating layers can be processed quickly, while significantly increasing service life by protecting the portions of molds, cutware, and machines that experience the greatest wear. The 820 has 5 stage of discharge power and 3 stage of vibration power. You can select the output of the 15 ways.

For Press Dies! Prevents Scum Risers!!

Scum risers can be easily prevented in the case of precision punch dies by coating the inside of the female die. SK, SKD, SKH, carbide, etc., the die material is irrelevant. In addition, the body can discharge machining without removing from the press a heavy mold for a lightweight.

For Die-cast Mold!Prevents Heat Cracking!!

In aluminum die-cast, mainly SKD-61, the melted aluminum at a high temperature will hit directly to the surface under the injection gate. And the damage of the surface will intense. By covering the surface thereof, it is possible to improve the durability of the mold, to extend the life.


As shown below, Depositron 720/820 can deposit hard metal such as tungsten carbide quickly and simply to all kinds of dies and cutters, machine parts , etc. to improve surface hardness up to HV1100. Electrode rod can be mounted up to φ0.3~3.0mm.

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