JIMTOF 2016▷


Thai INTERMOLD 2016▷

Vietnam Industrial Fiesta 2016▷





We participated in "JIMTOF 2016" which was held in Tokyo Big Sight this year. It was very vibrant exhibition. Visitors were 136000 people. This number surpasses the previous. Exhibitors scale was also a record high. This time, we announced a safety light shielding box for the FL series dedicated YAG laser welding machine. Leading companies tend to hesitate to introduction of laser welding machine because they have the strict safety standards of in-house. In that respect, it is safe because our safety light shielding box is cleared the safety standards of major automotive parts manufacturer. So we have received a lot of inquiries from another major manufacturers. Additionally, The high-power laser welding machine SW-L120, the TIG welding machine SW-V01, and the supersonic wave grinding device LAPTRON were also very popular similarly. Many people came to our booth. Thank you sincerely.


Nov 2~26


  International Trade Fair "METALEX2016" of the maximum machine tool, tool, and metalworking technology in Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) was held by event facilities "Bangkok international trading & exhibition center (BITEC)" in Thailand ,Bangkok suburbs. Our agency in Thailand "FACTORY MAX" exhibited there. Recent Thailand has slump in consumption. And the economy has been delayed recovering due to a slump in exports. However, the exhibition was a success. I could not feel recession. I do not know whether China's growth slowdown is affecting, but there was a momentum to Japanese companies than last year. Visitors were also seen many from Japan. In fact, Japanese the automotive industry in Thailand is overwhelmingly strong. Japanese car market share in Thailand has reached 80%. We exhibited YAG laser mold padding welder "SW-L120",TIG mold padding welder "SW-V01" and super sonic lapping machine again this year. Many people came to our booth. Thank you sincerely.


Jun 22~25


FACTORY MAX our Thai agency was exhibited in "Thailand INTERMOLD 2016" this year. This exhibition visitors were downwarded compared to last year. But the exhibition of robot technology were increased. It was a very interesting exhibition. This time we devised the exhibition method. We were project our demonstration to the screen in real time. Since the customers there were many to stop the foot, it was very useful to the inquiry up. Sincerely thank you to everybody who stopped by our booth in spite of a busy schedule.

Vietnam Industrial Fiesta 2016

Jun 8~10

Binh Duong/Viet Nam

BEST CARE our agency in Vietnam exhibited in "Vietnam Industrial Fiesta 2016". In recent years of the Vietnam signed a FTA with the EU, and participated in TPP. They are promoting an aggressive economic policy. Vietnam is popular relocation destination for companies to avoid the risk of over-concentration in China. It has been attracting attention as the second factory of the world. Exhibition was also a very busy, a lot of people to the demonstration of ultra-precise overlay welding machine "WELD PRO SW-V01" is gathered, we were able to get a lot of inquiries. Thank you sincerely.


Apr 20~23


"Intermold 2015" was held at Tokyo Big Sight. The total number of visitors of 3 exhibition has exceeded 47,000 people. We could see many visitors from Southeast Asia such as Thailand and India. In addition, We had a visit from our German distributor during the exhibition period. Thoug it was held on domestic, It seemed like an international exhibition. And I felt recovery and growth on the world economic. Also many people visited our booth. Thank you sincerely.

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