Nov 22-25


International Trade Fair "METALEX2017" of the maximum machine tool, and metalworking technology in Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) was held by event facilities "Bangkok international trading & exhibition center (BITEC)" in Thailand ,Bangkok suburbs. Our agency in Thailand "FACTORY MAX" exhibited there. It was the first exhibition in Thailand for two new products, the ultra-high precision welding machine "WELD PRO SW-V02", a new full-model change new welding machine and the new supersonic lapping machine "LAPTRON ALLlll" . The size of the exhibition and the location of the two models were handled as leading actors, and many visitors were paying attention. Although Thailand was on a downturn in the economy, consumer sentiment has already turned upward, and the impression that economic activity is gradually recovering. Even if I look around the whole venue, there are many visitors, and I expect much in the future machine sales.Thank you for stopping by at our booth.

IPF 2017

Oct 24-28

Makuhari /Japan

We exhibited at IPF (International Plastic Fair) 2017 held in Makuhari Messe. It was an exhibition of two new products, the ultra precision welding machine "WELD PRO SW-V02" of the new model which was fully remodeled and "LAPTRON ALLlll" a new type supersonic lapping machine. I also felt at the last exhibition, but supersonic lapping seems to be fresh for younger technical professionals in recent years. Perhaps we have created a stir into the industry stagnating without a noticeable new product for a long time. We got a lot of requests for estimates as well as materials, and it became an exhibition that was highly responsive. In addition, customers who experienced demonstrations at Indonesian our agencies were also visited. We can also expect to sell overseas. Thank you for stopping by at our booth.

MECT 2017

OCT 18-21

Nagoya /Japan

We exhibited at Mechatrotec Japan 2017 held at Port Messe Nagoya. We announced the new ultra precision welding machine "WELD PRO SW-V 02" and a new type supersonic lapping machine "LAPTRON ALLlll". ALLlll is a high-performance supersonic lapping machine that concentrates thoroughly on heat-insulating performance by consolidating power zones that had been shared by three models in the past to one. Of course, the performance of the design was also high and the inquiries were received from so many customers. Many people in Nagoya were involved in the automobile industry, and SW - V 02 also got interested in many customers. Some customers could contract during the exhibition and we were honestly surprised by the reaction beyond expectation. Thank you for stopping by at our booth.


Jun 21-23

Tokyo /Japan

We exhibited at "M - Tech" held at Tokyo Big Sight. The main character of this time is "WELD PRO SW-V02". This is an ultra high precision welder of a new product that has undergone full model change. The booth design was also renewed according to the product color. Many factories who undertook processing that can be our customers rather than manufacturers had exhibited. So, We were able to directly appeal new products for them. We received quite a lot of inquiries and exceeded our expectations, making a good start. In addition, supersonic lapping machine "LAPTRON", supersonic mold washer "WAVE CLEAN", stereoscopic microscope "SANWA SCOPE" and others were well received. Thank you for visiting our booth.


Jun 21-24

Thailand Bangkok BITEC

"FACTORY MAX" of Thailand Agency participated in "Intermold Thailand 2017". It became a recital of "WELD PRO SW-V 02" in Bangkok, too. This is an ultra high precision welder of a new product that has undergone full model change. It became an eye-catching item at Thailand's exhibition, and I was interested in many customers. I was able to feel a response even overseas expansion. While I am busy, thank you for visiting our booth and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Jun 7-9

Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh Binh Duong

This exhibition have about 4500 Vistors/day, most of them come from Industrial Zone in Binh Duong Province. Dongnai Industrial, Phu My Industrial and Hochiminh City

because it’s very nearest Exhibition Center. This Exhibition there are many companies consider to order our Machines. Some companies are very interested in our machines, They have known our Machine many year ago, And they have appreciated our machines. In next year we will take part in this Exhibition in Bac Ninh Province. Thank you for stopping by at our booth.


Apr 12-15

Tokyo /Japan

Intermold 2017 was held at Tokyo Big Sight. It waw held in Tokyo for the first time in 2 years. The total number of visitors to 3 exhibitions exceeded 45,000 people. We held a workshop of precision welding machine "WELDPRO SW-V01" again this time. It is also an opportunity for users to know how to use effectively, but we can find some problems at the actual workplace, and it has been very useful for future product development and improvement. Weld Boy's extraordinarily elaborate Dragon produced with SW - V 01 is also a big echo, it was worshiped with God.Thank you for stopping by at our booth.


Mar 7-11

Seoul / Korea

South Korean agent Backje exhibited at "INTERMOLD KOREA 2017" held in Seoul, Korea. This exhibition is very refined in the Asian and the atmosphere is almost the same as the exhibition in Japan. Moreover, the scale is bigger than the Japanese inter mold. In the usual year, most of the visitors did not come by in week end, but this year many customers visited despite Saturday. At this exhibition, we also carried out technical training on the ultra high precision welding machine SW - V 01 for our customers. We are looking forward to the increase in sales of precision TIG welding machine in Korea in the future.

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