UM Mold Fair 2019▷


JUN 19th(WED)


Port Messe Nagoya

We exhibited at Inter mold 2019 Nagoya, a mold exhibition held in the Tokai area. Visitors totaled more than 40,000 for four days, making it a lively exhibition. We received inquiries about each model, mainly from SW-V02, from people in each mold industry such as plastic, press and die casting. Thank you very much to those who stopped by our booth while you are busy.


Inter Mold Thailand

JUN 19th(WED)




Thai agent FACTORY MAX exhibited at INTER MOLD THAILAND held in Bangkok. Although Thailand's economy continues to grow, there is concern over US-China trade friction, and it seems that business confidence is deteriorating due to the slowing of the global economy. Demonstrations such as SW-V02 and LAPTORON ALLlll were held, and many customers were interested. Thank you very much to those who stopped by our booth while you are busy.


APR 17th(WED)~



Intermold 2019 was held at Tokyo Big Sight. It is Tokyo for the first time in two years. The total number of visitors to the three exhibitions exceeded 42,000 people every year. As it was the first time to introduce new products of  "WELDPRO SW-V02", "LAPTRON ALL III" and "WAVECLEAN PLUS" in Tokyo's intermold, we received inquiries from various mold industry people Received. Thank you very much for visiting our booth to many people.


MAR 12th(TUE)〜

KINTEX Exhibition Center1

Our Korean agent "BACKJE CO., LTD." exhibited at INTER MOLD KOREA. INTERMOLD KOREA is a mold and related equipment exhibition held twice a year in Seoul, Korea. There are about 4,000 mold processing related companies in Korea, with annual turnover of $ 10 billion. Annual sales are growing and we are strengthening our international competitiveness through factory automation, functions, and improvements in manufacturing technology. There were also many exhibitors and visitors from overseas, making it a meaningful exhibition. Thank you very much for visiting our booth while you are busy.

UM Mold Fair

JAN 25th(Fri)/26th(Sat)


We exhibited at UM mold Fair held by Ueda Machinery Co., Ltd. in INTEX Osaka. It was held from January 25th to 26th, and visitors counted 1,300 in 2 days. Various customers came to our booth and they stopped their feet. Many customers was interested in mold repair and padding welding especially on SW - V 02. I think that it was held in Kansai and that we could have seen the exhibits to many customers who we can not meet usually. Thank you for visiting our booth and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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