●Japan Patent/No.1128235

●U.S. Patent/No.4168916

●Swiss Patent/No.629689

●Germany Patent/No.2814467



High-output supersonic lapping can be achieved with perfect control.


Supersonic high power output of 45 W maximum

     at an amplitude of 45 microns and a frequency of 22000 Hz.

Enables comfortable and high quality mold lapping with minimum force. The latest model of LAPTRON Series realizes speedy, high quality and extremely precise work.

New circuit applied to restrict tip temperature rise

The new circuit restricts tip temperature rise as much as possible. Specifically, thermal breakage of ceramic tip is eliminated.

Four-stage power output adjustment

High power output of 45 W maximum. Appropriate power selectable depending on operating conditions through four-stage power adjustment.

Varying frequency automatically controlled

Varying frequency depending on thickness and length of tips automatically traced. Vibration is controlled by the feedback frequency to maintain the optimum lapping condition.

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