●Japan Patent/No.1128235

●U.S. Patent/No.4168916

●Swiss Patent/No.629689

●Germany Patent/No.2814467



Our hit model has an added rotary function.


The rotary function added to the LAPTRON 55 has been used worldwide.

The LAPTRON 55R is a dual role supersonic lapping machine.

The rotary mechanism, effective on curved surface work, adds to the basic functions of LAPTRON 55.

Efficiency further increased. Further high quality and extreme precision realized. Able to deal with any complicated shape in a wide range of work.

Employs a high-output, high-torque motor.

The high-output, high-torque motor ensures speeds up to a maximum 15,000 rpm and a torque of 900g/cm.

The model displays its greatest force when lapping round holes, rounded surfaces, and U-grooves.

A range of chips can be used with the LAPTRON 55R, and an exclusive holder is provided on the main unit.

Four-stage power output adjustment

High power output of 45 W maximum. Appropriate power selectable depending on operating conditions through four-stage power adjustment.

A new circuit precisely controls chip status.

Frequencies that change according to the length and the thickness of chips are automatically traced and monitored.

Data are instantaneously fed back to control vibrations, thus maintaining optimum processing status.

In addition, the control circuit also prevents abnormal heating of chips, thus eliminating damage to ceramic chips.

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