●Japan Patent/No.1128235

●U.S. Patent/No.4168916

●Swiss Patent/No.629689

●Germany Patent/No.2814467



Reliable technologies are concentrated into a simple body.


Slim & light-in-weight hand tool with an outer diameter of 23mm.

The hand tool can fit small hands, ensuring comfortable work.

Non-step output adjustment.

Confortable,safety and precise operation can be made.

Comfortable lapping with a ceramic stone.

The hand-tool will not heat too much even after a long-period of use, thus ensuring comfortable work.

High quality finish easily achieved!!

●The tip can be easily attached and detached. It comes with a diverse lineup of material quality and tip size, and is especially superior in Lapping and grinding with super stone.

●It is capable of high-precision, quick finishing of the rib, slit, oddly shaped holes or any minute areas. Output adjustments remain simple, and since no heat is generated, it allows safe and comfortable work conditions.

■Lapping super-minute areas

■Non-step output adjustment.

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