Aiming for the Ultimate Equipped with a Rotary Function


Equipped a rotary function in ALLIII which enables stable polishing work without interruption by the safety device even with long-term use due to newly developed vibrator and control circuit that suppresses heat generation to the limit. This single unit can handle polishing operations that used to be performed on multiple units, from polishing round holes, R surfaces, and U grooves to mirror polishing. Thorough high performance realizes a dramatic improvement in work efficiency.


■Complex shapes and fine processing are possible with a single unit

Polishing from the R surface to the flat and wide surfaces can be performed by rotary polishing, and fine inner corners can be polished with ultrasonic waves. This single unit can be used without using different polishing equipment.


■Supersonic and rotary functions in one unit

The rotary hand tool uses a high-torque low-rotation motor. The combination of rubber whetstone improves efficiency and improves the whetstonel life. The supersonic hand tool adopts a newly designed aluminum hand tool that achieves both high output and fineness and suppresses heat generation.

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