Superior Workability

■Superior weldability using condenser spot welding.

■Easy milling and electrical discharge machining after repairs.

■Superior performance to repair narrow and fine areas.

■Easy padding by layering several thin welding plates on top of each other.

■Newly designed handpiece to boost workability.


User - Friendly

■Easy viewing operation panel, makes work status apparent at a glance.

■Highly portable, lightweight and compact design doesn't limit work site, either.

■Built - in alarm light to check overheating upon overloaded operation.

■Standard foot switch boosts work convenience since both hands will be free to use.

■Featuring high-insulation performance and high voltage capacity.


The ensured safety design allows anyone to operate the equipment.




Resistance welding

Notable Repair Examples

Repair parting areas

Repair corner areas

Repair mounting

Repair pinholes

Capable of Diverse Repairs

        on Mold Padding.

■Plastic mold

■Die-cast mold

■Press mold

■Glass mold

■Blow mold

■Rubber mold

Diverse Purposes

■Repair parting lines, mounting or edges.

■Bury pinholes or repair scratching in slide areas.

■Repair excessive cutting away after machining.

■Shape sharp tips or fine dents.

Service & Support

Information Desk for Telephone/FAX

TEL 81-3-3376-3464

FAX 81-3-3374-0346