Broad Application Range

■Plastic mold ■Die casting mold ■Press mold ■Glass mold

■Blow mold ■Rubber mold ■Copper alloy mold  etc...

Diverse Purposes

■Parting line part, slide edge areas where shocks are applied

■Pin-gate areas, tunnel-gate areas

■Repair of ejector-holes, thin edge areas

■Smoothing pinholes and surface depressions after argon welding

■Padding after electric discharge machining, nitriding,

   and tufftride processing

Wiring diagram


1.Tool box

2.Foot switch

3.Gas hose

4.Output cord for resistance welding : for φ13㎜

5.Hand piece for resistance welding : for φ2 / 3㎜

6.Output cord for resistance welding : for φ18㎜用

7.Output cord for resistance welding : for φ5㎜用

8.Silver tungsten electrode for resistance welding

9.Torch cord for TIG welding

10.Tungsten electrode for TIG welding φ1.6㎜

11.Work cord

12.Metal cutter

13.Aramid gloves

*A gas pressure adjuster shall be attached to products for domestic use only.

*Either 4 or 5 shall be attached as standard configuration.



 Input Voltage

Reted Output Current

Maximum Voltage of No-Load

Output Current

Welding Time

Repetition Period

Control Method

Cooling Method



Single Phase AC200/230V 50/60Hz

10.4 kVA(Peak value) 2.8 kVA(Average value)

approx.76V(TIG welding)

Resistance welding/30~750 A TIG welding/2~250 A

Resistance welding/1~30ms TIG welding/1~600ms

Resistance welding/400ms TIG welding/0.1~2.0s

Inverter Method

Forced air cooling

W 204 X D 425 X H 390 (mm)


Service & Support

Information Desk for Telephone/FAX

TEL 81-3-3376-3464

FAX 81-3-3374-0346