Exhibition Report      
  @Thai Metalex 2007iNov.20`23thj  
Bangkok/ Thailand@

  International Trade Fair "METALEX2008" of the maximum machine tool, tool, and metalworking technology in Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) was held by event facilities "Bangkok international trading & exhibition center (BITEC)" in Thailand ,Bangkok suburbs. Our agency in Thailand "FACTORY MAX" exhibited there. And also, Our YAG laser mold padding welder "SW-L120",TIG mold padding welder "SW-V01" and super sonic lapping machine werexhibited in special booth. I can not say that this year is same as the boom like last year. However, about 10,000`13,000 person each day visited the hall. I felt the strength in reserve of the industry. The car in the city of Bangkok has been getting beautiful every year, the signal has been changing to LED, and the number of expressways has been increasing. I can feel the rise of the living standard. It was able to be actually felt to keep growing up still though politics was a delicate state now.  


Special booth for SW-L120,SW-V01 and LAPTRON



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