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Ultra-precision Mold Pading Welder

The enhanced lineup is the best for reduction in costs

The Weld Pro Series padding welder is best for micro repair welding, the SW-V02 for resistance and TIG welding, and the SW-808 for electric discharge. Our new models are the SW-FL50&the SW-L120 YAG laser welder, which is fully equipped with a safety system.


Patent No. 6712967

Demonstrates excellent performance in repairing molds/press dies, welding thin precision sheet metal, and processing parts.

More reliable weld penetration has been achieved by activating precision inverter control to slightly generate the after-arc phenomenon (remaining heat) after melting.

Adjustment of mold shim and temporary treatment! Quick operation with simplified welding!

This model is compact and portable but capable of repairing molds at anywhere because a high power circuit is embedded in it.


High Quality! Operability!

All are new dimensional!

3 models are available to meet a variety of requirements!

Improved Power Output!

220 W High-Power Laser

Equipped with UD Mode!

Minimum Welding Wire Diameter of 0.05 mm Achieved!

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