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Supersonic Lapping Machine

Lineup of 5 models for various lapping tasks

From rough lapping to mirror lapping our machines lap molds throughout the length and breadth using the power of supersonic waves. we released five models for various applications.

ALLⅢ is equipped with a rotary function that enables stable polishing work.

The power zones that were divided to three models in the past were integrated into one ALL III machine.

This single unit can handle polishing operations that used to be performed on multiple units, from polishing round holes, R surfaces, and U grooves to mirror polishing.

The small and stable power for micro palling and the high power required for lapping of large molds can be handled with one ALL III machine.

The super-high output max 55W

The super-high output LAPTRON 75R offers a maximum 55W. The featured rotary function produces high-frequency vibrations of 28,000 times per second.

To go into the minutest details

Micro Lapping Specialized Model

For processing deep corners with EDM texture where unevenness is likely to appear. Lapping even the portions of a product shape with 1 mm or less in length

A simple design eliminating any waste items

The hand tool can fit small hands, ensuring comfortable work.

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