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Removing Mold Deposit(MD)!!

Polyacetal(POM)!! / Polycarbonate!! / Elastomer!

We are now ready to supply our Wave Clean Series Supersonic Wave Mold Washers. The mold washing machines come in three versions.The U600 Type-1 with full specifications complete with the filtration filter, controlled heater, and special chamber, and the U600 Type-2 with a compact, simple design that is equipped with well-developed functions. U300 is a size that is appropriate for a small metal mold. It is an economy model that can efficiently wash metal mold with a small amount of cleaning liquid. Either type offers efficient, safe molding washing operations.

Complete cleaning machine

Compact & Simple

Equipped with overflow tank, filtration device, etc.

Supersonic Wave mold Washer with compact and simple design

Ideal for washing fine molds

Economy model that can be cleaned efficiently with a small amount of washing liquid

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