Removing Mold Deposit(MD)!!

Polyacetal(POM)!! / Polycarbonate!! / Elastomer!

The model "U300" is a compact model that ensures efficient cleaning with a small amount of cleaning liquid, featuring the washing tank size that is suited to small molds. The maximum liquid amount required for cleaning is mere 18 liters. The model will contribute to help make the running cost lower.


U600 Type-1

U600 Type-2

Product_Supersonic Wave Mold Washer_WC U300

Max Washing liquid volume 18 liters

The optimal cage size for fine molds

Equipped as standard with a compact washing cage that is ideal for cleaning fine molds.


The maximum amount of liquid required for washing is only 18 liters. It contributes to lower running costs by not consuming large amounts of cleaning fluid to clean micro molds.

Circulating pump

Comparative temperature rise

Heater with controls

The heater will raise the cleaning liquid temperature in the tank to enhance the cleaning effect. The temperature is adjustable in the range from 0 to 70 ゚C by digital control.

The use of a heater will generate a temperature difference at the upper and the lower part of the liquid in the washing tank. The Wave Clean washer stirs up the cleaning liquid evenly with the circulating pump. The reflux flow of the liquid prevents generation of uneven temperatures in the washing tank. As a result, the mold can be cleaned without unevenness and in every hole and corner.

Liquid shortage sensor

Digital controll timer

High performance vibrator

The cleaning process time is controlled by the digital control timer, thus enhancing the efficiency of cleaning.

The sensor detects the absence of cleaning liquid and shuts down the system automatically. You do not have to worry about heating without liquid during the unattended cleaning process.

The high-performance vibrator with the oscillation frequency of 28 kHz clean mold from every hole and corner.

Standard Accessories

Multipurpose cleaning liquid  SP-18

Washing cage (mesh type)

Hose for bleeding off the cleaning liquid

Rubber gloves

pH-test paper

Pump for cleaning liquid

Protective mask

Protective glasses

Barrier filter


Outside dimensions


Tank dimensions

Cage dimensions

Max. liquid amount

Power consumption

Supersonic wave output


Oscillation frequency

Power requirement

Part of the specifications and the exterior appearance are subject to change without notice for improving the product.

W570 X D420 X H700 (mm)

Apx.75kg(main unit only)

W300 X D300 X H200

W280 X D280 X H150




(variable with potentiometer)



Ideal for cleaning stains caused

by molding plastic resin containing glass filler!

■Resin coating of metal injection

■Mold deposits(MD)

Polyacetal(POM) /   Polycarbonate / Elastomer

■Gas stains

■Oil stains



The definitive all-purpose cleaning liquid for mold cleaning

Packaging : 18L

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With circulating pump  The heater is preset at 60 ℃

When 35 minutes pass after the start of heating, there is almost no temperature difference between the surface and the lower part of the vessel.

No circulating pump  The heater is preset at 60 ℃

When 35 minutes pass after the start of heating, a temperature difference of about 38℃ occurs between the surface and the lower part of the vessel.