Repair of missing punch teeth in press mold

Welding of thin precision sheet metal

Precision sheet metal/parts processing ~ Minimize heat effects

Ultra-precision Mold Padding Welder_WELD PRO SW-V02


Patent No. 6712967



Fiber Laser


The ultra-precision mold padding welding machine SW-V02, which combines resistance welding and high-precision TIG welding, shows excellent performance not only for mold repair, but also for punch gear repair of press molds and welding of thin precision sheet metal. Masu. Since the arc can be precisely controlled, it is possible to precisely and firmly fix plates as thick as 0.5 mm, which is difficult to do with regular TIG welding machines. In terms of costs, the installation cost is approximately 1/10 lower than that of a 1 to 3 kW YAG laser welding machine, and the ancillary equipment can be simplified. If you are having trouble with precision sheet metal welding, please consider us.

Main uses

Precision medical equipment/artificial bones/watertight welding (gas/water)/fine wire mesh filters, etc.

Thin precision sheet metal welding sample

Example of welding without using a welding rod

Butt welding

It is possible to weld with less burnt color and less thermal deformation.

Spot welding

Even small parts are securely fixed.

Welding of fine wire mesh

Even spot welding of fine mesh can be easily done with the SW-V02, which can perform both resistance and TIG welding in one machine.

Temporarily fasten the ends of the wire mesh in resistance welding mode for positioning.

Switch to TIG welding mode and securely tighten.

Reliable resistance welding and precision TIG welding

Inverter control allows accurate energization times for both resistance welding (1-30m Sec) and TIG welding (1-600m Sec), making reliable tack welding and highly accurate TIG welding possible. Welding current can also be adjusted from resistance welding (30 to 750A) to TIG welding (2 to 250A).

Fine processing and strength enhancement are possible with this one machine.

By adjusting the current, welding can be performed without affecting the appearance.

Suitable for increasing strength and for watertight welding.

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